Breathe New Life Into Your Online Course

Breathe New Life Into Your Online Course 

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Why An Online Course Is Not The Answer & What To Do Instead...

Create A Coaching Mastermind 

You teach what you have already created in your course, but you add some new dimensions to it.  

You share it all in a small, intimate and high value group rather than looking for volume sales online.  

And most importantly you charge more for it with a couple of key elements included (that don’t involve you creating anything new).  

And you can do this straight away and it can be evergreen.  

Simple. Powerful. AND IT WORKS.  

Add Massive Value To Your Offer

The first thing we’ll do is figure out your offer.  

We’ll take what you have and what has got results for you and your clients and shape it into a compelling new opportunity.  

We’ll get to the heart of what will inspire your audience to choose you and we’ll set about ensuring that you have a set pathway to give them what you promise.  

They’ll be SO excited that someone finally gets them and will give them the support they have been craving in an “at arms length” online world.  

Get Clear & Specific With Your Message To Market

You know most of the time you don’t even complete those online courses YOU bought, so why expect your own clients to get results that way?  

By helping you get crystal clear on the specific market you wish to serve, your marketing will become so much easier. 

Price & Market For Sustainable Success

We take your offer and create all the elements of your program you need to get results for your clients and fit in with your life.  

It’s like taking the best of your online course and adding the customised support and power of a likeminded group to radically boost the value (and price) of your coaching.  

You give me your expertise and results you’ve got to date and I’ll help you package and price for success to remove you from your under-charging and over-delivery for good.  

It’s that simple.  

Hey there! I'm Victoria.

Having created my own thriving digital coaching business over the last 9 years, I am confident I can help you with any and all of your marketing questions, plans, and dreams. 

When I'm not helping women on a mission to build a business on their own terms get their online marketing in order, I'm spending time at the beach with my teenage girls or shopping up a storm online.

I'd love to learn about your life & business goals—let's chat!  

Getting started is easy:


Book a no-pressure call so we can chat about your financial planning needs and see if we're a good fit for each other.


If the shoe fits, we'll set up 3 planning sessions to craft a customized budget and imlementation plan.


Implement your budget and start saving! I guarantee a return on your investment within the first 3 months.


"If you want to cut through the fluff and get down to business right away, Victoria is your girl. With her wicked smart marketing strategies, a keen eye on what's truly working right now and her ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage, Victoria's mentoring and coaching style is hands down the best of the best."

Amy Porterfield